It's only 5:00 o'clock in the morning, no sleep, having hangover, yet we still managed to get on with a spontaneous trip to the Island Garden City of Samal. This trip has been thought of for a quite sometime but we never get to a point to decide on when is it going to take place. However, due to the impulse of everyone that wanted to have a mini getaway, that's why i think it happened.

It has been a very stressful weeks for us because of school works and just simply with the stress that life is showering upon us everyday. We needed a rest and a time to relax ourselves from all the stressors around us.
We went to Sabang area, to try cliff jumping, then we went to Hagimit falls to chill and hangout for a while, then around lunch time we went to the nearest town to have lunch before we head back to Davao.

Here's a visual diary of what took place that day.
the most spontaneous people who're always up for adventure :)
Thank You Fujifilm for this Instax Mini 90 - i really enjoyed taking photos and sharing memories with my friends.
It's actually my first time to try roaming around Samal with a motorcycle. It was quite scary but really awesome at the same time. 
Before we went to the cliff jump area, we dropped by this over-looking area where you can havea  wonderful view of the beach and where you can see Pearl Farm; one of the best resorts in Samal Island.
 Finally we have reached our first destination, Sabang Cliff jumping area.
Here we are chilling around.

Hagimit Falls is really a great place to swim, chill and just to hangout with friends. There are a lot of areas where you can swim, and there are a lot of cottages around the area that fits a small to large number of people. It is one of the must visit place in Samal.

The Hagimit Water Falls is quite small, but it all falls naturally. The pool that catches the cool water is all preserved in its natural form giving the visitors a delightful dive spot. Recently the locals’ added some cottages for the visitors comfort and for an income for them as well. Though the locals had set up cottages for the visitors, the place is perfect for campers. Visitors can just pitch in their tents on the tent site for a cold camping night at this waterfall. (http://www.samalguide.com/)

It was really a fun-filled day! One of the records. hehe I really can't wait to do more spontaneous adventures with you guys in the future! This is something that i really can't forget and will surely be one of the best things that i've experienced.


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