(of an action or thing) done or operating in an impressively 
smooth, efficient, and apparently effortless way.

This is one of the newest local brand; a Davao based apparel brand - that delivers a great quality of items that can really be a staple in everyone's everyday style. I am really grateful to be a part of Slick. This is for those hip, cool and sleek individuals.

I got here my awesome Slick drawstring bag, thanks to my good friend Uri Buenconsejo for this. It's a combination of canvas and leather that makes it urban and somewhat classy type of bag. It's big enough to fit lots of stuff inside. I usually use this bag whenever i go on a spontaneous road trips, hanging out with friends. I can fit in here my dslr camera, some extra shirts and other daily essentials. Very reliable and worth it! 

This bag really can be a nice everyday bag because it fits really well with any fashion style. 

For more information about Slick - check out and visit their official facebook page

you may also check out their official instagram account


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