Something #HardToGets for Me

A lot of things in life are so #HardToGets! Really. But there are some things that we aspire to get but it needs patience and effort to achieve it. And here are some of the #HardToGets moments of my life - so far!

1. To Achieve a fit and Sexy body - a beach bod.

Well, summer is almost over but one thing that is really #HardToGets for me is a fit and slim body. haha I've always wanting to be fit and sexy - however too much eating, no sleep and laziness going to the gym stops me from achieving my goals. 

2. Catching up with the latest fashion trends. 

Being a fashion enthusiast, learning the new trends can be stressful especially when its beyond your comfort zone and most of the time I cannot decide on what style to follow actually haha.

3. The most common and very HARD for me to achieve - Enough hours of sleep

I have always been sleeping late and somewhat became nocturnal - sleeping by day, awake by night. And most of the time i go to events or appointments with no enough sleep or no sleep at all. And trying to balance and correct my body clock, i'm having a hard time doing it.

4. Slow internet connection and unable to post a blog or a photo online

Having a slow connection - or no connection at all can really be a bummer! Internet connection is not a need for most people, especially for bloggers and social media influencers haha. Without internet connection we will not be able to post our photos on our social media accounts and update our blogs. 

Well, good thing SMART Bro recently launched the best 4G Pocket WiFi for only P888. 

It’s Smart Bro’s hottest offer yet. Now everyone can purchase a 4G Pocket WiFi since the price is within their reach already. Now, that's not so #HardToGets! and Smart Bro wants to continue the concept of sharing, since now up to 10 devices can connect to the 4G Pocket Wifi, where consumers can now accomplish online activities and share connection with their friends and family anytime, anywhere.

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