To the Beach we go!

Beaches can really be a good way to distress and somehow disconnect yourself from reality, especially now that its Summer. It really makes me sane and stress free. The soothing sounds of the waves, the warmth and coolness of the water, the breeze of the ocean that lingers on your body.  What more could you ask for? Well, every once in a while i really wanted to be on the beach.

This time me and my family went to Surigao, to Causwagan. It's a white sand coast with big waves and very cool water and warm breeze. the view is really wonderful and soothing. It's really relaxing.

Here we are taking some time off and enjoying the moment and the view.

Before we went to Causwagan, we stopped by first to one of our favorite restaurant in Liangga, where we get to enjoy fresh seafood for a very cheap price. Really delicious!

Finally we have reached our destination! 

I'm really thankful for this time to unwind and being on the beach. I really need this!


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