Beauty Moments Cafe - CrayZ Shakes

CrayZ  or Crazy Shakes? Freak Shakes? Im not really sure how to properly call them but damn! these things are amazingly delicious! hehe

It's not so new place yet it brings more attention now because of the people's obsession with milkshakes topped with different variety of goodies and sweets. 

One place in Metro Davao that attracts people is Beauty Moments Salon and Cafe! yes, its kind of odd to think a cafe and a salon in one place right? but this place really raised the bar higher in terms of pampering yourself. 

This place can is a stress-free zone for those who wanted to pamper themselves with delicious food as well as having a day in the spa.

The place has board games and books which you can borrow/rent to use. This will keep you away from boredom while waiting for your food or while bonding with your friends and family.

Here's what we ordered; i had the Rainbow CraZ Shake which is a green-tea/matcha based milkshake with rainbow syrup and very generous amount of sweet toppings. The most fulfilling and great tasting Crazy shake i've tried. It tastes like a green tea frappe.

They also have a good food selection that goes well with your CraZ shakes such as Nachos and sandwiches. They also serve coffee and different cakes and pastries.

Another milkshake they offer is the Chocolate CraZ shake that is uberly delcious! You can really taste the richness of the chocolate flavored milkshake then topped with bots of chocolate coated goodies and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Beauty Moments Salon, Spa and Café is located at Pink House, 426 Tulip Drive, 
Juna Subdivision, Matina, Davao City

They are open from 10:00 AM to 10:00P PM daily.

you may also call them at (082) 297 4702


for more updates and information follow them at:


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