A new Asian Fusion restaurant has opened its doors to public just recently. Located in Sobrecarey Street, Obrero, Davao City -  Dim Yum is such a cozy place, comfortable and very accessible since it's located in the downtown area.

Few weeks ago, me and my blogger friends from the Davao Blogger Society were invited to dine and try some of their best-selling dishes.

Dim Yum is serving mostly Chinese cuisine, with it's specialty the Xiao Long Bao that comes in various flavors - the Pork Xiao Long Bao, Chicken Xiao Long Bao, and Chocolate Xiao Long Bao. And now they have a wide selection of Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean and Dimsum favorites on their menu.

Here's a preview of our Asian Fusion gastronomic adventure:

Roasted Chicken
This is actually one of my favorites among the food served to us! The skin is really crispy and the meat is tender and very delicious. A must-try!

Roasted Chicken
Pork Asado
This dish is just like any Pork Asado dish that you usually see and taste from any other Chinese restaurants. But what differs them from others, is that their meat is tender and the sauce really covers the meat that makes it more flavorful.

Pork Asado
Crispy Pansit
I'm not really a fan of pansit but this dish really caught my attention. It's not always that I get to try a crispy one. This may not be one of my favorites, yet this dish is one of the most interesting ones. I love the combination of the texture in the crispness of the pansit and the saucy vegetables. 

Crispy Pansit
Lapu-Lapu in Special Soy Sauce
Malaysian food is really one of my favorites and this dish is a sure hit! I love the authenticity of their Rendang! Its creamy, flavorful and the meat is super tender that it could melt in your mouth. This is one dish the i would surely recommend for you to try in DimYum.

Beef Rendang
Here are some of the dishes that is included to their menu that you may want to try.

p.s: photos were taken from their official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dimyum


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