Mango x Tricia Gosingtian

MANGO proudly opened the third MANGO megastore in the Philippines—also the first in Visayas and Mindanao—at the Ground Floor of Abreeza Mall on June 2. The 817.45-square meter megastore brings Spain’s popular high street women’s brand together in one space with its menswear line, MANGO Man, and its children’s line, MANGO Kids.

To celebrate the launch of the Mega store, MANGO invited Tricia Gosingtian, one of the biggest names in the country’s fashion blogging community, to share her personal styling tips and to meet with her Davao-based followers. The event held on June 11, 2016 was a special edition of the Abreeza Fashion Forum, a regular convergence of press, bloggers, and fashion insiders hosted by Abreeza Mall that aims to discuss and promote notable trends, projects, brands, and ideas in the field.

One of the pioneer fashion, lifestyle, and travel bloggers of her generation, Tricia has been maintaining her much-followed blog, Tricia Will Go Places ( for seven years now. In 2013, she garnered a bestseller in her book, 150 Style Essentials for Every Girl. As of this writing, she has over 313,000 followers on Facebook, over 43,500 on Twitter, and over 204,000 on Instagram. 
Tricia, who describes her style as “sophisti-cute,” shared basic styling tips with the guests, covering items such as balance, accessorizing, color, layering, and more. It was really helpful and very informative! She did not just mention items that is a staple for women's wardrobe but she also shared things that what she think a man shall have in his closet as well. After her short presentation, she then stayed to chat and take photos with fans in an intimate meet-and-greet at the MANGO megastore. 

The MANGO megastore at Abreeza Mall is the 32nd MANGO store in the country since the brand debuted in the Philippines in 1999. Besides Davao City, megastores also exist in Pasay City and Mandaluyong City. First implemented worldwide in late 2013, the megastore concept applies to stores with a selling space of 800-3,000 square meters that stock all or most of the group’s lines. MANGO now has over 150 stores of this type worldwide, transforming 30% of its store chain into megastores over the last three years. 
members of the Davao Bloggers Society with Tricia Gosingtian
Tricia Gosingtian and her fiancee Rg Gabunada
Tricia and Me together with the Mango Assistant Marketing Manager Cai Gualberto
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  1. Thanks Klyde for the post. Also for coming and bringing your friends. I really hope I can go back to Davao again (stay longer!) and hang out with you guys :)

    1. You're welcome Ms Cai! Yeah hopefully the next time you visit Davao we can hangout a bit longer hehe Hope to see you again sometime soon Miss Cai! :D