Get Wonderfully Lost in Northern Mariana Islands

This could be once in a lifetime chance for me to travel into the Northern Marianas Islands, so im going to take this opportunity and test my luck, maybe this time Good luck will be on my side. hehe

The Northern Marianas Islands are known for its sandy shores, mountainous landscapes and World War II battlefields. The reef-lined beaches of its western and southern coasts The coasts are popular for diving and snorkeling.
Here are some slogans i thought that could best represent the Northern Marianas Islands based on the articles I've read and photos I've seen.

"experience greatness" - because upon researching about the islands, i can't help but to be in awe as i discover the greatness that these island possesses. White sand beaches, wonderful and rich culture and very much preserved resources. Great isn't it?

"an auspicious experience" - aus·pi·cious means conducive to success; favorable.It is auspicious because one you experience how awesome the place it, You'll know that it is a hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered and to show how glowing or how astonishing this place that most people never heard of.

"extraordinary adventure awaits" -  there are a lot of things that are yet to be discovered and to be experience in Northern Marianas Islands. It's not just pristine white sand beaches and a year-round summer climate that you'll see there - there's actually a lot more because it used to be a battlefield during the war. You can trek, scuba diving, snorkeling, do island hopping, and a lot of extraordinary things.

"a delightful escapade" - well, who doesn't not want a sweet escape. Being in the islands is being off the grid to the city life, busy and noisy environment and just being away from stress. Northern Marianas Islands is the paradise that everyone wanted. A well preserved and rich culture; a hidden gem of the US that is yet to be discovered. 

It's very enlightening to discover how alluring the place is. There are a lot of things that you can experience in the place and can enjoy the relaxing views of beaches, sands and mountains. It'll be awesome to be able to dive in the pristine beaches of the 3 Major Islands in the Northern Marianas; namely Saipan, Tinian and Rota. 

SO here are the things that i want to experience and to tick off of my bucket list.

1. scuba diving and snorkeling
photo from google
I've always wanted to do this even if 'm afraid of deep waters. I always wanted to see wonderful reefs, different schools of fishes and other sea creatures. 

2. cliff jumping
photo from google
The Marianas are known for its high peak mountains around the coast that can be great point for cliff jumping.

These are only few of the things i wish to experience in the Northern Marianas Islands. I hope Blogapalooza Team and Marianas Visitors Authority will make this happen for me and my family - who i wish to bring with me in this trip! hehe

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