Let's get Wonderfully Lost in Saipan

Hafa Adai! To those who don't know where Saipan is, it is actually the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, together with the islands Tinian and Rota - a commonwealth of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean. 

Saipan International Airport (SPN) is located in the southeast corner of the island. Direct flights are available from Manila to Saipan through Philippine Airlines, but there are other options like from Tokyo and Nagoya (via Delta Air Lines), Seoul (via Asiana), Hong Kong (via Fly Guam) and the nearby islands of Guam, Tinian, and Rota. 

For most people they would think that in places like this there's not much to do and not much exciting activities to look forward - but Saipan will surprise you, they have lots of awesome activities to offer. Saipan is really rich in culture and history that can really make people more interested in exploring the wonders of the island.

 Here are some things that you can do in Saipan:

There are three (3) major landmarks in the Northern Part of Saipan that really shows the rich and amazing history of Saipan that will lead you back to the WWII era.

- Last Command Post -
Last Command Post, Saipan
It is a half cave, half bunker where the last Japanese commanding officer in Saipan led his battle. Here, you'll see some of the machines and tanks that the Japanese used during the war against the United States.

Last Command Post, Saipan

- Suicide Cliff and Banzai Cliff -

Suicide Cliff, Saipan
It is where the scene of a horrible event that occurred near the end of the Battle of Saipan. It is a location where hundreds of Japanese civilians and Japanese soldiers committed suicide by jumping to their deaths in 1944 in order to avoid capture by the United States.

Banzai Cliff, Saipan

- Japanese and Korean Peace Memorial Park -

Japanese Peace Memorial Park, Saipan
It is a peace park where visitors and local people can pay tribute and offer prayers to the people who died in the area.

Japanese Memorial Park, Saipan

- Bird Island -

Bird Island Lookout, Siapan
A breathtaking and picturesque view in Saipan. It is known to be a place where thousands of birds are nesting.

Submarine Ride and explore the Tanapag Lagoon -

Submarine Ride, Saipan
Enjoy the underwater world of Tanapag Lagoon aboard a yellow submarine. You get to cruise on a fish exploring expedition while viewing the exotic underwater seascape in air conditioned comfort.

Submarine Ride, Saipan
The best beaches and most populated areas are on the western and southern coasts, with the north and east being rugged and mountainous. With this kind of environment, most people would think that only water sports and/or beach activities are the things they can do in the place,, but actually there's a lot more.

- Managaha Beach -

Managaha Beach, Saipan
A small island sheltered in a lagoon, this is Saipan's best spot to snorkel and it is also known to be the best beach in the island of Saipan. In fact it is a tiny paradise island where a lot of water activities awaits you.

Managaha Beach, Saipan
 - Snorkeling
 - Intro Diving

Intro Diving, Managaha Beach, Saipan

 - ParaSailing

Parasailing, Managahan Beach, Saipan
 - Banana Boat Ride

Aside from Managaha Beach, another spot where you can enjoy swimming and diving is The Grotto

The Grotto, Saipan
It is a cavern dive to open ocean. But will need a guide as it is very easy to get turned around outside and lose track of the tunnel back in. The Grotto is still worth a visit for those without Scuba gear, but bring a swimsuit and a pair of goggles if at all possible.

Forbidden Island, Saipan
Forbidden Island, in the east coast of Saipan is another place to swim and dive but you have to trek for about 30 - 45 minutes just to get at the beach area, but it is totally worth it!

Forbidden Island, Saipan
If you're into Arts and Crafts, you can enjoy doing
- Banana Painting -
Banana Painting, Saipan
A painting technique started by Douglas Rankin where he used banana trunk as paint brush.

If you're adventurous and wanted to do something extreme, you can enjoy the 
All Terraine Vehicle (ATV) Ride

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Experience, Saipan
For a posh and classy way of wandering Saipan, you can rent a Yacht for a day, or you may also rent luxury cars.

 - Cultural Show Dinner -

Fiesta Resort & Spa Cultural Dinner Show, Saipan
One of the best cultural show dinner in Saipan is in Fiesta Resort & Spa. It's a show worth watching!

Fiesta Resort & Spa Cultural Dinner Show, Saipan
I'll be blogging more about my Saipan trip and our daily activities in details soon.
so watch out for it! 

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