Northern Marianas Islands - Saipan: Day 2

Saipan is the largest island of the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the United States in the western Pacific Ocean. The western side of the island is lined with sandy beaches and an offshore coral reef which creates a large lagoon, meanwhile the eastern shore is composed primarily of rugged rocky cliffs and a reef. What more could i ask for? The beach bum in me is already excited to experience the wonders that this island offers to its locals and visitors/tourists.

Our day started with an unexpected submarine ride, not just any submarine, its a Yellow Submarine (*cue in the Beatles song) haha. Though i felt like suffocating inside (the claustrophobic person in me is triggered haha) it's still another item in bucket list that has been ticked off. What a surreal moment for me, because i was dreaming of riding a submarine since i was a kid. Now it happened.

We explored the under waters of Saipan and been able to see wonderful creatures and awesome marine life; we also visited the area where a ship wreck took place. It such a nice experience.

After almost an hour spent inside the Submarine ride, we then went to visit Mañagaha Island, considered to be one of the great beaches in Saipan and Northern Marianas Islands.

Mañagaha is a small islet which lies off the west coast of Saipan within its lagoon in the Northern Mariana Islands. Although it has no permanent residents, Mañagaha is popular among Saipan's tourists as a day-trip destination due to its wide sandy beaches and a number of marine activities including snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing.

The island is really beautiful and clean. The people are just enjoying themselves soaking their bodies in the pristine clear beach water or just lying on the sand and sunbathe.

Beach huts, beach beds are readily available for everyone to use. It's so convenient. They also have a restaurant and a bar for you to chill and hangout with friends if you don't want to stay under the heat of the sun.

During our visit, we did a lot of water activities that would really make you appreciate more the beauty of the place. 
Scuba Diving / Free Diving with the crew
Parasailing in the Marianas coast
Unlike any other resorts where you can stay all day or even have an overnight, here in Managaha Island, by 4:00 o'clock in the afternoon (2:00 pm in the Philippines), everyone will be asked to leave the place for they will now start the cleaning of the beach and prepare it for tomorrow's operation. The caretakers really made sure to preserve the beauty of the place.

Here I am waiting for our unsual ride back to our hotel. hehe
When everyone's waiting for their boats to pick them up and bring them back to the City, as for our group, we are waiting for our Banana Boat ride back to the city. Exciting isn't it? haha

That was really an amazing experience. Imagine to ride a Banana Boat in an open water in the Marianas Islands while passing through a heavy rain. Scary but Fun.

Before the  day ends, we head back to another hotel to have our BBQ Dinner;

Of course, not just that, we also watched Saipan's Best Magic Show in one of the hotel's in the area. Too bad we're not allowed to take photos or videos during the show! I even got the chance to be invited on stage and be part in one of their magic tricks.

The day ended with a feeling of fulfillment and happiness in me, because it's not everyday that you get to experience all of this things. I am thankful for I am with awesome blogger friends, who made this trip more fun and memorable!


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