Northern Marianas Islands - Saipan: Day 3

What's the best part of traveling? It's when you get to be immersed more into their history and culture yet still manage to make it as adventurous as possible.

In this small and laid back island, I never thought that it's filled with so much stuff to do and adventures waiting to be experienced. It's already our third day to explore the Island of Saipan and our day is filled with so much wonders. Although i'm not really feeling so well because i'm sick and having a flu, i still enjoyed my day nonetheless.

Here are some of the highlights we did on the island.

1. Banana Painting

We went uphill to meet up with the person who's very much inclined to art and passionate with the craft. He showed us the art of using a banana trunk instead of a regular paint brush to create a wonderful masterpiece. I never thought that a banana trunk can be used to make paintings. I really had so much fun in showing my creativity in this activity.

Banana Painting is discovered in Saipan, banana painting is native only to the CNMI. It is so unique and special, and eco-friendly too. hehe

This is one activity that the whole family or even a group of friends will enjoy.

My Masterpiece. hehe

2. The Shack

The Shack is a beach side cafe with a large deck that overlooks the ocean and the beach path. A very homey and laid back place where you can dine in located at the Beach Rd, Saipan. The vibe of the place is more like a feeling of being at home where you can let your guard down and loosen up, interact with the staff and other people inside.

The food they offer is more on local cuisine as possible made with local ingredients. The menu is full of healthy, fresh and delicious breakfast and lunch options that change often. They have all-day breakfasts, smoothies, fruits & salads, as well as delicious local cuisines.

shredded slow cooked chicken (skinless) with Mexican spices and diced tomatoes. served with brown rice and black beans. with sautéed peppers, onions and shrooms.
The Shack Saipan

3. Let's Go Tour Adventure

Let's Go Island Tours is a awesome outdoor adventure company in Saipan that offers land based tours using the newest Polaris Rzr's. They offer several unique guided tours that let you see and experience Saipan in a new and exciting way!

The tour is good for an hour, and they will lead you to the hidden jungle trails of the mountain and visit Mt. Tapochau.

visit to know more about Let's Go Tour.

3.2 Mt. Tapochau

Mount Tapochau is the highest point on the island of Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands. It is located in the center of the island, north of San Vicente village and northwest of Magicienne Bay, and rises to a height of 474 m (1554 ft). The mountain offers a 360 degree view of the island. Mount Tapochau was vital in World War II as a result of this.

Mt. Tapochau
Mt. Tapochau

4. High Roller Life

In Saipan, you can rent a yacht or a limousine, and even expensive cars such as hummer, Chevy Camaro, Jaguar or Mustang for a day. You can just ask your hotel receptionist for recommendations.

4. Cafe at the Park, Saipan

We went into this wonderful restaurant where it's known to serve very delicious Chamorro cuisine. They provide great service and the food is really on point.  Here are some of the famous local dishes that they offer.

Loco Moco

A grilled beef patty on a boat of steamed rice, then topped with fried egg and soya cream sauce.

Loco Moco

Chicken Kelaguen

Grilled chicken mixed with coconut, peppers, and spices. Served with fresh grilled titiyan and fresh lime. A real local treat.

Chicken Kuelguen

Surf and Turf 

their version of the famous "surf and turn" which composed of Char-broiled angus steak and shrimps.

Surf and Turf

5. International Festival of Cultures

The Marianas Visitors Authority hsa its annual signature event this September—the International Festival of Cultures at the Paseo de Marianas in Garapan.

The event showcase the international cultures in the CNMI, with emphasis on Micronesian culture. They also let other countries association to show the people of Saipan the traditional culture of other places.

6. I Love Saipan Shopping Center

A perfect place to shop for Saipan Gifts and souvenirs. They have a large selection of items that are perfect as "pasalubong" to our families and friends.

I Love Saipan Store
That pretty much sums up our third day of exploring the islands of Saipan. An adventure that helps us connect more with the culture and the place.

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