I am not really a huge fan of VCOs or other "organic" products, maybe because im not used to have them while growing up and it does not really interests me at all. 

All i know about VCOs is that it is organic, it can be used in the kitchen for cooking and some people use it as a beauty product; and that's all it! When i came across ProSource VCO, i learned that Virgin Coconut Oil has actually a lot of uses and really good for the body not just as what i mentioned above.

Here are some ProSource VCO products that i was able to try and really managed to improve my body especially my skin.

1. ProSource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

ProSource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
It is light and non-greasy compared to other products in the market, it is easy to use by taking a tablespoon or by rubbing it on scalp and skin.

If taken orally, it provides a quick energy that supports a healthy metabolism and fights bacteria and viruses. It also helps in regulating bowel movement. Aside from that, ProSource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil help lower bad cholesterol that helps as well in wight loss. It also gives an instant relief to mouth sores. Amazing right? It only takes a table spoon of EVCO a day to get all these benefits.

If used externally, it help moisturizes your skin and helps in lightening age spots. It also soothes itchiness and insect bites. You can also use it on your hair, for it conditions the hair and scalp as well as helping to remove dandruff. What an awesome product!

Uses: Cooking and Baking, Dietary Supplement, Moisturizer for skin and hair, Make-up remover and Oil pulling.

2. All Natural Extra Virgin Coconut Soap

ProSource Organic Virgin Coconut Soap
It is a handcrafted soap made from Virgin Coconut Oil enriched with aloe vera. The ProSource All-natural Extra Virgin Coconut Soap gently rejuvenates and revitalizes your skin to keep you all feeling and smelling fresh all day.

If used regularly with every bath, the ProSource Coconut Soap will gently moisturizes ad nourishes skin, protects skin from bacteria fungi and ultraviolet rays, It helps whiten skin and it will make you smell like the fresh fragrance of natural coconut. hmmm perfect for the summer season! hehe

3. ProSource Calming Oil

ProSource Calming Oil
The Calming Oil is what im really most interested about, since i often feel stressed and have body pains. With the Calming Oil it rolls your worries away. It is an all-natural relief oil for the whole family. It is made up of virgin coconut oil, ginger, lavender, eucalyptus, and menthol that soothes all kinds of stress and discomfort with a pleasant, calming aroma. Packed in a roll-on bottle for easy application ad portable storage, Now, you can carry your newfound secret of calm and comfort wherever you go!

Uses: Headache, Neck, Back & Joint Pains, Muscle Pains, Gas Pain, Dizziness & Motion Sickness, Cols & Cough

Soon all these products will be available in all leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.

ProSource VCO Products
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