Back when i was still young, i went to Vietnam for a vacation with my family, and one thing that really makes that trip more memorable and exciting was the food. Since it was my first International trip, I am excited to try new dishes that really speaks their culture in terms of food. And i can still remember the taste and the experience I had since i tried their local dishes.

Vietnamese cuisine may not be as ubiquitous in the Davao dining scene as other Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, but its fresh, bright flavors deserve to be discovered. It is one of the most underrated Asian cuisine in the metro.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine | photo by: Jeffrey Monida
Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by sweet, sour, salty, and spicy tastes and combines meat, seafood, rice paper, noodles, vegetables, herbs, spices, and a special fish sauce to create unique gastronomic sensations. Among its well-known dishes is the noodle soup pho, which continues to experience a trendy popularity among foodies in Metro Manila. Other must-tries are the French-influenced banh mi, a healthy sandwich of baguette, veggies, and various fillings; and different spring rolls made with greens, meat, and seafood wrapped in rice paper. All of these are on Hanoi’s menu, just waiting to be sampled by discerning DavaoeƱo diners who want to experience a refreshing, exciting world cuisine—all without leaving the city.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine
The esteemed celebrity chef Sandy Daza, wrote in his column in Philippine Daily Inquirer: In the Philippines, I have never experienced Vietnamese cooking as authentic as this. Hanoi will be such a hit in Manila." back in 2014. 

With the goal of educating more diners about the unique flavors and delightful intricacies of this Asian cuisine, the team behind Hanoi, chef Christian De La Paz and his brother Raymond, introduced the media and blogger guests to a filling feast of Hanoi must-tries: Goi Cuon, Banh Cuon, Cha Nuong, Banh Khot, Banh Mi, Hu Tieu Tom Thit, Com Tay Cam Ga, the new dishes Cari Geo Heo and Vietnamese BBQ Platter, and the Hanoi favorite Garlic and Butter Crabs.
Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Goi Cuon
Goi Cuon – Fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork, herbs, and vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served with Hanoi's peanut sauce.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Banh Cuon
Banh Cuon – Pork, mushrooms, and fresh vegetables rolled in a thin and delicate rice paper, garnished with deep fried onions and chopped lettuce served with a dipping sauce

Part of our experience is to make our own Cha Nuong.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Cha Nuong
Cha Nuong – Vermicelli noodles, grilled pork barbeque, pickled carrots, radish, lettuce, cucumber slices, and basil leaves served with rice paper sheets and dipping sauce on the side.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Cha Nuong
The Hanoi Team really spoiled the members of the media and bloggers with an extraordinary gastronomic experience for us to be fully immersed in the Vietnamese culture and cuisine.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine
One of the most familiar dish for me is the Banh Mi, which I always have as a snack back when we were in Vietnam few years ago. And this one that they served us really resembles the one I had back there. It brings back the feelings that I felt, the first time I tried it.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Banh Mi
Banh Mi – A healthy sandwich of baguette, mayonnaise, liver paste, fresh herbs, vegetables, and choices of flavorful meat. Choices: Grilled Chicken, Grilled Pork Barbecue, and Cold Cuts

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Hu Tieu Tom Thit
Hu Tieu Tom Thit – Shrimp, pork slices, squid, quail egg, and a variety of fresh vegetables served with vermicelli noodles in a richly flavored pork broth

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Garlic and Butter Crabs
Garlic and Butter Crabs – Crabs stir-fried in butter and minced golden-brown garlic.

Here's one of the few items that they have in their menu, 
Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Cari Gio Heo
Cari Gio Heo – Crispy pork knuckles in a flavorful curry sauce

They also have rice bowls in their menu, one of them is Com Tay Cam Ga – A hot pot of tender chicken slices, mushrooms, onions, snow peas, leeks, and rice

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Com Tay Cam Ga
If you are in the mood to eat a lot and wanted to try a lot of dishes, they also have platters in their menu that you can try.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Vietnamese BBQ Platter
Vietnamese BBQ Platter – A platter of Vietnamese grilled stuffed squid, pork, and chicken, marinated in flavorful herbs, spices, and lemongrass. This is really worth it! All the items in this platter is really delicious.

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Banh Khot
Banh Khot – Small fried Vietnamese pancakes with vegetables and herbs on the side, served with Hanoi’s special sauce

After the savory and tasty dishes, one great way to end a meal is with a slice of Durian Pie paired with their Vietnamese Coffee. 

Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Durian Pie and Vietnamese Coffee
Vietnamese Coffee – Drip brewed coffee sweetened with thick condensed milk
Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine - Vietnamese Coffee

Visit Hanoi Vietnamese Cuisine at J. Camus St. or GF Abreeza Ayala Mall and get ready to #TasteVietnamInDavao

To get in touch, contact the J. Camus branch at (082) 221-0901 or 09189511157, or the Abreeza Ayala Mall branch at (082) 285-2887 or 09194128692. 

For more information, follow @hanoidavao on Facebook and Instagram.


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