a Hidden Sanctuary: Eartheaven Resort

It's already summer season and the scorching heat of the sun is somewhat unbearable especially here in Metro Manila. With its fast paced and polluted environment, somehow we wished to spend some time away from the busy streets of the city and just be immersed with nature and appreciate the beauty around us. 

Well not that far from Manila, a newly opened resort just opened to cater to those people who wants to spend some alone time, a time of prayer and peace, or a time to relax and free your mind from all the stress, or maybe a time for adventure with friends and family.

Eartheaven is located within a mountainous estate in Brgy. San Mateo, Rizal. It signifies the coming together of both earth and heaven, that will touch you spiritually and physically. It is envisioned to be a place for recreation, guided adventures, wholesome retreats and meditation.

Here lays a lush green place of tranquility and adventure. It is a place where you can have an alone time and talk to God. You can be one with nature in this place and enjoy the serenity and peacefulness of the place.

Only 30 minutes away from Quezon City and 20 minutes away from MarikinaEartheaven is a great choice from the demands of the city life, and ideal place to explore, experience and enjoy life.

The place is filled with enjoyable activities that can be a great bonding moment for families, friends, groups and organizations. These activities has modules that encouraging participants to explore their nooks and crannies of the estate, experiencing God's bountiful creation ad love, and allowing you to bring home memories worth remembering.


Eartheaven Resort offers a Day Pass that includes a lunch and afternoon snacks. You can make use of the common facilities available in the place such as: swimming pool, gardens and trails. For adventures to keep you physically and mentally challenged, you are free to use the interactive facilities such as those in the Piaza and the Lagoon, the Low Rope Bridges, the Puzzles, Stack line, and many more. They also have plenary areas where your group can gather and meet.

The Multi-Day Pass offers everything plus accommodation with choices of various types of rooms: Dormitory style, Kubos (Huts) and Tents.

Other Activities available in Eartheaven are:

1. Trek to Waterfalls
2. Spider Web

3. Orienteering
4. Mud Crawl

5. Obstacle Course

6. Teamwork Walk
7. Rope Course

8. Rappelling


Eartheaven Resort
1 Old Army Rd. Bgy Silangan, San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines
Contact No: 0920 977 7284/ 0920 977 9700
Email: eartheavenreservation@gmail.com


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