Buendia Food by the Court

Food Parks has been a huge trend here in the metro. they are sprouting from here and there, present in almost every place and corner of the city. Just recently, I happen to visit one of the newest food park in Makati that happened to stand out in the area of Buendia.

The concept of this place is to combine two things that Filipinos love most: Basketball and Food. It's a great place to dine, chill and refresh. It's like a sports bar beside an actual basketball court.

The stalls at Buendia Food by the Court have been carefully curated to complement each other to make something unique to everyone. They have a variety of food options to choose from. During our visit, we were treated to experience foods from all over the world.  It feels like we went to Japan, China, United States of America, and to the Philippines. What a great experience it was.

Here are some of the food i was able to try during my visit:

1. Little Kodo

First stop is this little Japanese stall that offers close to authentic Japanese cuisine at an affordable price. Little Kodo serves famous Japanese street foods such as Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki that most Filipinos love. 

Little Kodo | Ramen
Little Kodo | Okonomiyaki
Check out their official Facebook page here to know more about their food offerings.

2. Shang Kee Buns

Shang Kee Chinese Buns was conceptualized to revive the classic yet revolutionized it with a twist from different cuisines.

Cua Pao's filling si the Classic Pork Belly; but Shang Kee wanted to keep up wit the millennials by having modern flavors like Crispy Chicken, Chicken Terriyaki and All-American.

These buns taste can make you feel like you're in the streets of Shanghai or Taiwan.

Shang Kee Buns | All-American Bun | Php 150.00
Shang Kee Buns | Best - Seller Classic Pork Belly Bun | Php 150.00

like their official Facebook page here, and don't forget to follow them on Instagram: @shangkeebunsph

3. Longga-Niche-Ah!

Joe Vargas and Bianca Pauline of Longga Niche Ah!
Owned by the couple Joe Vargas and his girlfriend Bianca Pauline. The idea started when Bianca is bringing their homemade Longganisa to Joe's place all the time. Until one-day they decided to venture into a business. Hence, LONGGA-NICHE-AH! happened.

LONGGA-NICHE-AH! is like a all-day breakfast joint serves homemade longganisa with a twist. You can choose your custom longganisa by choosing either pork or chicken, then choose if its salty, sweet or spicy.  Then you choose which sauces you like from Salisbury, Teriyaki and Garlic

Here are some of their best sellers:

Longga-Niche-Ah! | Crispy Pancit Longga | Php 170.00
Longga-Niche-Ah! | Salisbury Longga | Php 150.00
My Ultimate favorite is the Teriyaki Longga! The right balance of saltiness of the meat and savory flavor of the sauce really complements each other.  I don't mind eating this food everyday. hehe

Longga-Niche-Ah! | Teriyaki Longga | Php 150.00
One appetizer they have is the Cheesy Longga Balls; It's a Longganisa rounded into a ball then stuffed with cheese inside - perfect! It also comes with a garlic dip that really gives more flavor to the dish.

Longga-Niche-Ah! | Cheesy Longga Balls | Php 160.00
Go check out their official facebook page here, and don't forget to follow them on instagram: @longganicheah.

4. Brothers' Blend

Brothers' Blends concept is spearheaded by the brothers Mr. Brian Factor and Mr. Kevin Factor. They wanted to have a convenient way to maintain a healthy eating habit that is within our reach.

It is a farm-to-table cafe which is a part of a social movement that promoted serving local food right to your plate. This means that the ingredients of the meal on the menu being served is directly acquired from the local producer themselves.

They offer a variety of products, from mixed fruit and vegetable juices made out of cold-pressed / slow juice technique, hot and cold caffeinated products; healthy snacks and desserts which are sourced locally.

Brother's Blend | Ashitaba Gelato
Brother's Blend | Cold Pressed Juices and the best seller Honey Bucket Tea
Start to get yourself healthy! This is a good lifestyle change whilst contributing to a wonderful social cause - as we actively help our local farmers!

Check out their official Facebook page here, and don't forget to follow them up on Instagram: brothersblendsphilippines.

5. RJ's Bowl Gogi

If you're craving for some Korean food, need not to worry because RJ's Bowl - Gogi si there for you. They serve great Korean dishes that most people usually ask for. They have japchae, bibimbap, fried steak with kimchi rice and a lot more. But the only thing that separates them from other Korean restaurants is that they don't have the numerous side dishes that we all love. hehe

RJ's Bowl - Gogi | Large Spicy Fried Chicken Steak
RJ's Bowl Gogi | Spicy Pork belly Rice Bowl
RJ's Bowl Gogi | Crispy Fried Shitake Mushrooms
For more details about RJ's Bowl - Gogi, you may check out there official Facebook page here.

6. Burgers Meet Wings (BMW)

Who doesn't love burgers and chicken wings? hehe Well, i gues everyone is eating these two comfort food. Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) here in Buendia Food by the Court is redefining our usual burgers and wings. They are serving colorful burgers and flavorful classic wings. Their burgers are huge and the patties are juicy. Just like what you want your burger to have.

Here are some of the best sellers that i was able to try during our visit.

Burgers Meet Wings | Classic Cheeseburger with Chicken Wings
Burgers Meet Wings | Blue and Pink Burger with Potato Wedges
You may check out their official Facebook page here; and follow them on instagram: @burgers_meet_wings.

7. Keso Kumpadre

A food stall that serves different kinds of potato products. They have 3 different kinds of fries, Pizza Fries, and they also serve baked potatoes and Poutine.  

Keso Kumpadre is giving fries a new look by putting in different toppings on top of it. Awesome right? They have Ham and Bacon Fries, Buffalo Fries, an All Meat Poutine Fries and a lot more. So better Check them out!

Keso Kumpadre | Pizza Fries
Keso Kumpadre | Baked Potato
Keso Kumpadre | Poutine
So when you start craving for fries, just visit Keso Kumpadre at Buendia Food By the Court. Like their official facebook page here, and don't forget to follow them on instagram: @kesokumpadre

Thanks to Mr. Brian Factor and to CJ Alayon for inviting us over and let us have a unique gastronomic experience. Can't wait to be back and try another dishes and appreciate more of the food that these start-ups can offer :)

Buendia Food By The Court
24 Se. G. Puyat Ave. cor Bautista St,
Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City

Open Daily from 5:00pm to 12:00mn


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