Dew Nation Satisfies the Thirst for Thrills

Mountain Dew recently brought the most exhilarating activities to the center of Bonifacio Global City for an epic weekend made for adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers alike. An entire block in the Heart of BGC was transformed into Dew Nation HQ, which boasted a slew of exhilarating activities.

A first in the Philippines, Mountain Dew’s campaign challenges consumers to stop being spectators and take part in pursuing the things they’re passionate about. It was truly a thrilling sight to see so many Filipinos that actually answered our call and made it to the Dew Nation HQ for a chance to partake in vigorous activities around like-minded people who share the same passions and lifestyle.” said Kay Paras, the PepsiCo Flavors Category Manager.

The launching started with an introduction of the Dew Crew, which consists of Sam YG, Joyce Pring, Ramon Bautista, Jugs Jugueta and some skateboarding and BMX experts. They explained what's going to happen inside the Dew Nation HQ and what are the extraordinary activities that awaits every person in the HQ.

Joyce Pring

Finally the doors were opened as DJ NIX DAMN P! playing an awesome music to hype up the mood inside the HQ! It was such great experience and a great time to release your inner adrenaline junkie spirit! hehe

DJ Nix Damn P!
DJ Nix Damn P!
Mountain Dew’s Dew Nation HQ featured a dirt track made for a wild round of dirt racing for those with a need for speed. Racers got to take Mountain Dew’s 4x4 ATV’s out for a spin and definitely got their fix of speed. 

There's also a booth where Gamers were given the opportunity for friendly matches with fellow Dew gamers in a gaming hub. Dew Nation HQ had multiple Virtual Reality consoles for a more hands-on and active gaming experience. Gamers comfortable with the VR process showed off some moves but also shared tips with those eager to learn more and experience Virtual Reality gaming. There was a noticeable learning curve but everyone seemed to be getting the hang of things and enjoyed the experience altogether. 

Mikael Daez trying one of the Virtual Reality consoles

Not too many people realise that gaming requires a lot of skill, timing, and patience. It’s not just mindless button mashing, but you need to think fast and always be one step ahead of your opponent and observe how they retaliate” said Mountain Dew Brand Ambassadors Jugs Jugueta and Ramon Bautista.

The Dew Crew put on quite a show for the attendees as they exhibited their sickest skateboarding and BMX tricks. Jaws dropped as they sped through humps and quick turns while catching some air and flips every now and then. Some lucky skateboarders and bikers even got to join the Dew Crew for a trick tutorial and jam when the event was winding down.

Mountain Dew fans definitely made the right choice not to pass up the opportunity to join their fellow thrill seekers in making history. The stage for an epic weekend had been set and all that was missing were people to join in the mayhem.

ADMU Volleybelles
Ramon Bautista, Jeff Ortega, and Sam YG
Jeff Ortega, Sam YG, Joyce Pring, and Vince Velasco
If you’re passionate about extreme sports, a thrill seeker, or just want to experience a burst of adrenaline every now and then, grab a fix of Mountain Dew to keep you ready for more.

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