Northern Marianas Islands - Forbidden Island, Saipan

Northern Marianas Islands - Saipan Day 4

Up until our last day in Saipan, the adventures never stopped; There's a lot of things to explore in this extraordinary island, and this time we're off to see the mountains and the jungles of Saipan -- and the activity that's top of our lists is to visit Saipan's Forbidden Island.

Forbidden Island

A trek to Forbidden Island is a must if you’re going to visit Saipan. It's quite hard to hike alone a steep trail and it kinda takes a while, about an hour or so, but everything's going to be worth it. The view is really spectacular and the feeling is so amazing especially as the wind softly touches your skin, and the smell of the ocean breeze. Totally breathtaking.

A great adventure away from the very tourist filled places and to be one with nature. What a great time to appreciate the beauty of Saipan's mountains.

The trail to the Forbidden Island is not that difficult. You just have to hike down the steep trail until you emerge from the trees for a spectacular view of Forbidden Island and the crashing waves of its majestic blue waters. 

Once you make it all the way down the trail and reach the island, there are several tide pools that are perfect for snorkling or just cooling down in the water. It's worth the hike!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can find “Hidden Forbidden,” a small cave with its own secluded tide pool. It's quite difficult to find but once you get inside, it's like your own world of wonders.

Saipan Crew with Thomas Caja & Kimi Juan, Lyka Tan and Jaz Reyes together with our tour guides

It's been a great experience to be able to do this once in a lifetime adventure; thanks to Blogapalooza and MyMarianasPH for making all these things possible for me and the rest of the Saipan crew!


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