Winning an Anvil, and What's its charm?

Putting up a campaign that will stay relevant and to have a significance in the society until today is not an easy task; it takes a lot of brainstorming, creative process, and critical thinking; and of course, proper execution. Success in the field of public relations requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns company and the community. A PR professional must know how to effectively address those concerns using the most powerful tool of the public relations trade, which is publicity.

I really admire the people who works in public relations because it means that they can communicate clearly with anyone and can make a lasting impression on people with their brilliant ideas and exciting campaigns. For every PR campaign and publicity stints, it takes a collaborative effort to come up an exciting and extraordinary idea that can be significant and relevant to the company, the brand, and the community.

Winning the Anvils
Winning the Anvils is a collection of stories about some of the most outstanding PR programs and PR tools implemented from 1973 until 2016. PR Guru and Gawad Panday Awardee, Mr. Carlos Agatep reveals his enviable work as a great Public Relations man and shares the stories behind his amazing awards that he has won all throughout this years -  proving that he is one practitioner who has put his hammer full force on the anvil of fame and recognition.


Anvil Award
The ANVIL Awards have been the most coveted prize for excellence in the world of public relations in the Philippines. The ANVIL has gained acceptance and is now considered as the "Oscar" award for the PR people in the Philippines because of the quality of the winning entries, the standards for selection, the reputation of the board of judges and the development and growth of PR, both as a profession and in practice.
The Anvil Awards, is not just a trophy; It is a tribute of distinction, an accolade bestowed by the Public Relations Society in the Philippines (PSRP) for exceptional PR programs, tactics, and tools of an extraordinary campaign. It is their badge of honor, rallying point for the positive empowerment not only in their company but to the community as well.

Each anvil entry is painstakingly screened, weighed and debated by some 30 to 40 jurors who are chosen for their competence and integrity. It’s not an easy task to review and judge every campaign’s reason and objectives, as well as its benefits to the society. It really must be hard to be one of the judges.

Among the consistent winners of the Anvil Awards bring humanity to their organization and to their respective communities; Just like the Social Media and PR Influencers, who hold some of the best kept secrets and incredible stories about how they become the spotlight and attracts loyal followers who are searching for inspiration, instruction, entertainment, or advice.

Winning the Anvils is intended to guide PR Professionals and Enthusiasts, as well as students to be able to maximize their learning in the PR world and helping their company's reputation management. This book talks about the socially responsible companies and what they have been doing to give back to the community and these companies are bringing humanity to their organization.

This Winning the Anvils book gives a clear background on why each Anvil Awards project had to be done, what are the specific objectives of every project, who were intended target market in the society to reach, what were the strategies and methods undertaken to achieve the objectives and what were the overall results of their extraordinary ideas. This will help you understand and maximize your strengths and weaknesses to achieve a great purpose and to be able to exemplify your campaigns successfully.

It is such a great book to read and gain knowledge from. I thank Mr. Charlie Agatep and the rest of the the Grupo Agatep team for this book. I am truly grateful and I appreciate the thought of sharing me this book; this will help me understand better the world of Public Relations and at the same time this can help me improve on my works as part of the media industry. 





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