My Life Lately: Part 1

It's been a rough time for me since i moved here in Manila on December 2016. I have a lot of questions in my mind that until now i can't seem to find an answer. I thought moving here is easy and life will be much happier, but it feels like the total opposite. Yes, i'm happy with what I've become and what I've achieved here in Manila in such a short period of time; yet there are still a lot of things that i wish i can do more and things that I hoped that I will become.

It's been more than a year since the big move; and looking back, I realized that a lot of things has changed -- I transferred from one place to another, changed job 3 times, juggling blogging and work schedules. Damn! It's physically and mentally tiring, no to mention emotionally tiring too. hmmm But amidst all these challenges, I was able to find a better opportunity to make my life a lot better. Now I have a somewhat stable job and i still manage to attend some blog events or even manage to collaborate with people around.

Even though things are hard, I'm just thankful for having to meet some friends here that I can cling to anytime, co-bloggers and colleagues that I can hangout with, and family to lean on when times get rough.

I have been trying my best to get as much opportunities as possible and be able to to sustain my needs and wants since I left the comfortable life i had back in the province which i consider as my "comfort zone". Here, you can only depend on yourself most of the time since everyone has it's own responsibilities and priorities that they attend to before they can help you out.

Adulting is never easy!haha It may sounds fun at first that you get to be on your own and be responsible of all the things you needed but honestly, i wish i'm just a kid again -- i miss those times when i don't have to worry about what to wear everyday, what and where to eat everyday, where to get money for paying bills and loans, and a lot more, because back when I was young, most of these needs are well provided by our parents.

The feeling of having these responsibilities now really made me think of what my parents had gone through in order for us to get whatever we want every time. ghaaaad! It is really hard to earn a living and still try to maintain a certain lifestyle.

I know eventually things will get easy and a lot better soon, somehow; and i will be able to learn to go with the flow of life and smoothly be able to go through the challenges that i may face in the future. Sooner or later, ill just be surprised that I'm already at the place where i'm meant to be without noticing how time flies by so fast.

Life is such a beautiful mess filled with so much hope and wonder.


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