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As a fashion enthusiast, I know that it's not just the outfit that completes a look. The kind of footwear you're wearing together with the right accessories can really go a long way and can make your look a lot better.

Nowadays, with the new trends, there are a lot of shoes that are considered to be a must-have in a man's closet. With all its types and varieties, what better way to have them is to own your own-customized shoes, right? You don't have to worry about the size and the fit of your shoes since it's made perfectly for you; and that's what R.E Craftsman are expert on.

R.E. Craftsman is a local brand, owned by Raf Ebarle. It is your one of a kind shoe shop for they produce great and top-quality products where you'll get the total value for your money, because they believe that shoe Craftsmanship is an artistry of passion and expertise. And it really does show in the products and the quality of the items they produce.

Just like any other local brands, they also maximize the skills of the Marikina Shoemakers; but what makes R.E. Craftsman different from the other shoe brands in the Philippines, is that they create beautifully customized pairs of shoes for their clients in order to provide the perfect fit, maximum comfort, and satisfaction for every pair they purchase.

They cater to those men who are fond of having their dress shoes customized, especially to those men getting married or those men who works in a corporate industry where they must wear a dress/formal shoes all day. Aside from that, they can also make a belt that matches your shoes, awesome right? now you don't have to be decide on which belt goes along with the shoes.

They also have off-the-rack items but the quality is the same with the custom-made ones that are perfect for everyday affairs either for business or leisure; for they are committed to provide premium quality products that manifests a distinct personality to each pair. And just like a true craftsman, they set a standard for their artistry.

R.E Craftsman prides itself in bringing back the old favorites. From Loafers, and Wingtips to the Brogues, they bring vintage a touch of modern sophistication.

The design of the shoes come and go through seasons, but there are some that has become inimitable through time. These are the classics that have never gone out of style.

Wingtip Plain-toe in an Antique Brown full-grain Leather
Tassel Loafer in a Chestnut Brown Brush off Leather
Derby Plain-toe in a Light Brown Calf Leather
Double Monk Strap in a Cordovan Brush Off Leather
Tassel Loafer in a Brown Soft Nappa Leather

Here's how you can have your customized dress shoes; a customized dress shoes will take around 3 to 4 weeks to make, so you can expect that it'll be in worth the wait.

1. Choose your Style

They have a wide variety of style for their custom-made shoes. From wingtips to the brogues, classic loafers with tassels, a monk strap, derby shoes, to any type of dress shoes that you wish to have.

2. Take your measurements

They will take the right measurement of your feet in order for them to create the perfectly-fit pair of shoes for you.

3. Select Type of Leather and Color

They will let you choose different types and color of leather according to your liking. And if you're not sure of the style, they will be glad to explain and help you pick the best leather for you.

4. Choose type of Sole

The sole is somehow important to provide the comfort that you're looking for in a pair of shoes. They can create a leather shoes for you with different soles -- from the classic wood, to rubber.

5. Select kind of Shoe Lace

The shoe laces will add another texture and depth to your dress shoes.


R.E. Craftsman  (JE&Co. Haberdashery and Fine Gentlemen Shop)
49 Malingap, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon

Instagram: @recraftsman / @jeandco

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